RecoveryMax Cream

The rich, rub-in cream formula is perfect for targeting specific areas.

Jumpstart your post-workout muscle recovery with RecoveryMax Cream. The non-greasy, all-natural formula absorbs quickly, increasing circulation to the target area and aiding in the removal of lactic acid from muscles.

Increases Circulation Reduces Lactic Acid
Soothes Sore and Tired Muscles and Joints


Adults and children 2 years of age or older, liberally apply to the area surrounding the sore muscles and joints. Gently rub in and reapply after 30 seconds. For optimum results, repeat 4 times daily for 3 to 5 days. For serious athletes, continue this regime each morning and evening for continued benefits.


Active Ingredient: Camphor 3%

Inactive Ingredients: Natural Arnica Montana Flower Tincture, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Citrus Fruit Extract, Dioca Leaf Extract, Emu Oil, Ethanol, Eucalyptus Oil, Hydroxybenzoate as a preservative, Rosemary Oil, and Water.