No Pain. Know Gain.

The period of time after your workout, known as the recovery period, is vital to building strong, lean muscle. Not enough focus on recovery will limit the results you see from working out and leave you prone to muscle strain.

RecoveryMax is a topical formula designed to accelerate muscle recovery by increasing circulation and reducing lactic-acid buildup. Using RecoveryMax after exertion will help improve your results while reducing soreness and the likelihood of strain.

Developed in the Lab. Tested in the Gym.

  • We developed RecoveryMax products to help people who are passionate about physical fitness get the most out of their workouts.

  • Our products were formulated using the latest muscle-recovery research and then tested rigorously by real users.

We stand behind RecoveryMax and guarantee your satisfaction!

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    RecoveryMax Spray

    Sprays evenly and absorbs quickly to reach muscle groups.

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    RecoveryMax Cream

    The rich, rub-in cream formula is perfect for targeting specific areas.

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